November 7, 2010

Back Into Time!

I'd like to thank Ed.  With out his help, the mix would not have been posted tonight.  He edited the part I posted about earlier.    Good looking out.


Bad - The Jimmy Castor Bunch
Get Me Back On Time - Wilson Pickett
Cramp Your Style - All The People
I Think I'd Do It - ZZ Hill
The Champ - The Mohawks
Funkier Than a Masquito's Tweeter - Nina Simone
The Moment Of Truth - Earth Wind and Fire
A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays - De La Soul
Soul Clap - Showbiz & A.G
Breakers Revenge 93 - Phantom Breaks


My children, the life in darkness is over.  I give you light.  I added the track listing for the "Bboy First" mix tape.

I will be adding the next bboy mix tonight (God willing).  I was working on it today and my damn mixer was cutting in and out.  So, now I have to do some editing.   If you are a god fearing man, become a member of this page and write a damn comment.  Good or bad, it will only help me help you.


Feets, the man behind the octopus!  No, I am not fornicating the octopus.