March 24, 2011

Yes Yes Y'all

Center of Attention

Saw this on Grain Edit and I thought it was dope.  It's a site committed to record covers so check out Simon Foster's "Center of Attention".  I think it's time to showcase my gems.  I found the record below at the past Beat Swap meet.  "The milks gone bad!"

March 10, 2011

Cliff's Notes

Why read the book when you have Cliff's notes?  I thought I'd make it easier for you.  I posted all the past mixes on this post, so you don't have to go through the whole blog.  The mixtapes are all listed in chronological order (they're not all listed because the rest are on the current and previous page, don't be lazy), think of the mixes as chapters.  The first chapter is awesome.  The second chapter is rad.  The third chapter is saucy.  The fourth chapter is meaty.  The fifth chapter is filling.  The sixth chapter is the bread winner.  The seventh is so fucking long but I love it.  The eighth chapter is Sexy.  The ninth chapter is fresh.  The tenth is stupid fresh.  The eleventh is magnifique.  Now go out there and fail that test.

Each link will take you directly to the "mix" link.  Right click the mix to save it or click on the mix to stream.

Get That Magnet Away From My Tape

Playing Records

3rd Mixtape

The Big Score

Never Sleeping

The Genius

All The Way Up

It's going to get wet y'all

Bboy First

Back Into Time

Eat Your Head Off With Toaster Trash

March 4, 2011

Mr. Obvious

Just a few songs that sampled the music on The Killer Octopus' "Colt 45" mix.