February 8, 2012

Hyper Crush

My boy Karl hipped me to this mix.   He said it was the bees knees.  I was a bit skeptical. . ., but damn!  I ain't even going to front this mix had me pumped.  If I worked out, which I don't, I'd listen to this sh!# right here.   I went to the bank and asked for a roll a quarters.  I was pumped to play Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat 1&2, Killer Instinct and Bubble Bubble.   Check out the intro, it is really funny.

Click  here to go the mix.

On a side note.  There was a game I played when I was like 8 years old (1987) and I cant figure out the name of the game.   Ok (big sigh)  the game starts out with you (a bruce lee looking guy) with your girlfriend.  A group of thugs come through and jack your girlfriend (all the guys have big heads, kind of like bobble heads).  It's your job to fight all the goons to get your girlfriend back.  The game is a fighting game.  You are in a junk yard setting and the whole crew is watching while you fight each character (gangster).  The boss is sitting like a king through out the whole game watching you fight.  All I can give that may help is the second guy you fight has a purple get up and he does back flips.  I don't think I ever got passed the third guy which I can't remember the character.  I would really appreciate any help.

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  1. Double Dragon Son.